Zehnder is Tailoring Italian Sophistication to Heat your Home!

Blok: Chic yet affordable. Zehnder’s new designer line of radiators is the perfect addition to heat your humble abode with Italian sophisticaiton.

Horizontal or vertical, big or small, all your choice; taken from bespoke style but staying abundant in selection. Orientate your new radiator however you wish, and where ever you wish with various sizes from 700 – 1200 mm in length and 1600 – 1900 mm in width.

Take your pick!

Style your living room and make space with a compact yet sophisticated design with Blok’s naturally neat-fitting units or strive for form and function with towel rails ample enough for the bathroom.

Wherever you place your new international mantle, you can fit the aesthetic with the range of colours that Blok provides. Do not worry, at Radiators, we are also sure we can help provide the one that properly complements your home’s beauty.

So, if you’re looking to simply heat your home or searching for a more fashionable option, we are here to provide a glimpse at the range that invites a buyer who is looking for a bargain or an aesthete perusing something – bougie.

Zehnder is looking to bring a slice of Italy into your home.


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