Interior Trends with Radiators

Column radiators have always been seen as a timeless classic with a style that would complement any home! They are generally considered a traditional styled radiator made from hollow tubes and are often described as a “cast-iron” style, allowing the air to flow between each column and improving the BTU output with style and charm. Column radiators are modern designer radiator that has the ability to blend into any home or to cry out for attention.

With that old-fashioned style seen in old schools or old hospitals, this style is coming back in a huge way. Built to modern standards, all of our column radiators are manufactured to the highest standards and built to last. Available in a range of configurations, we have a huge range of 2, 3, 4 and even 6-column radiators from some of the UK’s leading radiator manufacturers such as Reina, Zehnder and Myson.

Our catalogue is filled with a range of column radiators available as standard central heating or electric, you have the choice of how to heat your home. With a standard power source, you are connecting the radiator to your home’s central heating, which is the most common place for radiators. But with an electric radiator, you have a range of benefits over a standard element, firstly, you have the added benefit of being able to use 100% of the energy consumed. You also have the benefit of being able to switch that radiator off literally at a switch of a button, meaning you have full control over how long and how hot the radiator is used for. Another benefit is that your radiator is not connected to your central heating, meaning that you choose which radiator heats which room and that heat is not wasted in particular rooms.

Check out our electric column range!

Looking for something simple or unique? Choose from a standard white column radiator or one of Reina’s Bespoke column ranges available in over 50 different colours and finishes! If you’re looking for a radiator available in horizontal or vertical columns, check out our Centerrad range for one of our most popular column ranges. Or if you’re looking for something different, take a look at our Wallace & Squires Hampstead range of cast iron column radiators for one of our more traditionally made radiators manufactured to modern standards!

Centerrad is one of the UK’s leading radiator manufacturers, with guaranteed quality, their radiators are a smart choice for those looking to renovate their home with excellence. Combining a great-performing radiator with impressive value for money, Centerrad is a brand you can trust for a simple and efficient radiator.

The Centerrad range is available in a range of configurations, take a look!

Wallace & Squires is one of our home brands of radiators manufactured for one purpose, to introduce a wonderful Italian radiator at a superb price. Our Hampstead range is manufactured from the highest quality of cast iron to ensure unmatched heat retention and BTU output.

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We have hundreds of column radiators to choose from and these are just some of the popular suggestions! Why not take a look at our whole range of column radiators and select your perfect radiator today?!

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