Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators are commonly found in places that need to adhere to safety regulations such as hospitals, schools and public areas.

LST radiators assure that the surface is at a low temperature to prevent individuals from burning themselves if they were to fall on or accidentally touch the radiator while connecting heat just like a normal radiator.

The cover for LST radiators also acts as an additional protection by concealing the radiator and all the internal components from tampering and the low but constant temperature that the radiator emits makes for high-efficiency heat output.

We have a great selection of radiators to choose from the leading manufacturers of LST radiators such as Stelrad, Myson and TowelRads!

Myson 17Lsp042 Lst Vertical 1772X420

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£1,317.87 inc. VAT

Myson 17Lsp057 Lst Vertical 1772X570

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£1,465.82 inc. VAT

Myson Lst Super 650 X 420Mm 621BTU

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£260.63 inc. VAT

Myson Lst Super 850 X 420Mm 904Btu

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£280.23 inc. VAT

Myson Lst Super 950 X 420Mm 1037Btu

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£340.00 inc. VAT
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