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For decades, Radiators has been supplying both domestic and commercial properties with radiators and accessories. With a dedicated team and an extensive catalogue, we have been able to cater to a range of clientele for new builds, home renovations, school heating system improvements and much more!

Alongside we have also been online since 1998 with our plumber’s merchant sister site BHL, and throughout the decades we have acquired comprehensive relationships with different suppliers to get the best deals and the fastest deliveries on all of our radiators and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for a steady supply of radiators, a bulk purchase of radiators or if you’re buying for a business, we are here to help you. As a part of our newly renovated website, we are proud to offer trade accounts for our customers.

With easy and streamlined payment options, a dedicated team, rapid delivery and a fantastic selection of radiators and accessories at exclusive trade deals, we are happy to build even more relationships with our customers.

To get started on opening a trade account, click the link below, fill in all the needed information and we’ll handle the rest!

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The radiators that we supply aren’t just for the home, we can also supply a range of LST and panel radiators that are built to be practical and efficient but still affordable and durable. For those that need to keep safety in mind when searching for radiators, such as schools and hospitals, LST radiators are the ideal choice. With such a huge selection, we’re able to offer a great range of different sizes, configurations and brands to meet your specification.

For those looking for a sturdy, reliable and affordable radiator, we offer a grand range of panel radiators that offer high efficiency and up to 10 years of warranty for peace of mind. Or if you’re sourcing for a customer that prefers designer radiators, we have amazing offers on thousands of designer brands such as ZehnderReina and Wallace & Squires.

So whether you’re supplying a customer for a project or if you need a number of radiators for a home renovation, make Radiators your prime choice for all your radiator and accessory needs!

Interior Trends with Radiators

Column radiators have always been seen as a timeless classic with a style that would complement any home! They are generally considered a traditional styled radiator made from hollow tubes and are often described as a “cast-iron” style, allowing the air to flow between each column and improving the BTU output with style and charm. Column radiators are modern designer radiator that has the ability to blend into any home or to cry out for attention.

With that old-fashioned style seen in old schools or old hospitals, this style is coming back in a huge way. Built to modern standards, all of our column radiators are manufactured to the highest standards and built to last. Available in a range of configurations, we have a huge range of 2, 3, 4 and even 6-column radiators from some of the UK’s leading radiator manufacturers such as Reina, Zehnder and Myson.

Our catalogue is filled with a range of column radiators available as standard central heating or electric, you have the choice of how to heat your home. With a standard power source, you are connecting the radiator to your home’s central heating, which is the most common place for radiators. But with an electric radiator, you have a range of benefits over a standard element, firstly, you have the added benefit of being able to use 100% of the energy consumed. You also have the benefit of being able to switch that radiator off literally at a switch of a button, meaning you have full control over how long and how hot the radiator is used for. Another benefit is that your radiator is not connected to your central heating, meaning that you choose which radiator heats which room and that heat is not wasted in particular rooms.

Check out our electric column range!

Looking for something simple or unique? Choose from a standard white column radiator or one of Reina’s Bespoke column ranges available in over 50 different colours and finishes! If you’re looking for a radiator available in horizontal or vertical columns, check out our Centerrad range for one of our most popular column ranges. Or if you’re looking for something different, take a look at our Wallace & Squires Hampstead range of cast iron column radiators for one of our more traditionally made radiators manufactured to modern standards!

Centerrad is one of the UK’s leading radiator manufacturers, with guaranteed quality, their radiators are a smart choice for those looking to renovate their home with excellence. Combining a great-performing radiator with impressive value for money, Centerrad is a brand you can trust for a simple and efficient radiator.

The Centerrad range is available in a range of configurations, take a look!

Wallace & Squires is one of our home brands of radiators manufactured for one purpose, to introduce a wonderful Italian radiator at a superb price. Our Hampstead range is manufactured from the highest quality of cast iron to ensure unmatched heat retention and BTU output.

Take a look at our Wallace & Squires range today for an unbeatable selection!

We have hundreds of column radiators to choose from and these are just some of the popular suggestions! Why not take a look at our whole range of column radiators and select your perfect radiator today?!

How to Pick an Efficient Radiator for your Home.

With the cost of living on the rise, everyone is looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and trading in an old inefficient radiator for a more energy-efficient modern radiator is a great way to start! You may be thinking “Are old radiators less efficient than new ones? And are they worth replacing?”, over time all appliances may begin to deteriorate and become less efficient and with radiators, this can have an impact on your household energy bills. Most heating installers recommend replacing radiators every 15-20 years as radiator manufacturers are rapidly improving their technology to make their products even more efficient.

With so many radiators to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right radiator for you, especially if you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your home. Our team has made a guide to help you choose the right radiator for your home for those concerned about energy efficiency.

For those looking to improve the efficiency of their homes, there are three major styles of radiators to choose from that can aid in improving the efficiency of your home they are Cast Iron Radiators, Aluminium Radiators and Electric Radiators.

Cast Iron Radiators

Cast iron radiators have been proven to have a higher conductivity than steel and has the ability to transfer the heat from the cast iron into the room at a higher rate than steel. It also cools down at a slower rate compared to conventional steel radiators, making it a prime choice for those looking to conserve the energy generated by their central heating. We’re able to supply a stunning range of cast iron radiators in a variety of colours, our Wallace and Squires Hampstead range offers a higher output with an iconic style.

The Hampstead range is a contemporary take on a classic design made from high-quality cast iron, a vintage style that can be the distinctive feature of any room. As cast iron retains its heat so well, you can turn the heating on and as soon as the room hits a suitable temperature, you can turn off the heating to save on energy and enjoy the heat for hours to come.

Aluminium radiator

Aluminium radiators are far more eco-friendly to produce than steel, the manufacturing energy needed to produce the radiators is far less than conventional steel radiators. It also has the added benefit of taking less energy and water to heat the radiator itself as aluminium is a greater heat conductor. As the manufacturing costs are lower, these savings are passed onto the consumer, making aluminium radiators cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. With hundreds of radiator styles, we can offer a range of designer, panel and towel radiators made from aluminium manufactured by some of the UK’s leading brands such as Zehnder and Reina.

Aluminium radiators are a modern design with a modern mentality, with a cost-effective running and an economical price to match, they are another great choice for those wanting to save money on their central heating bills this winter.

If you’re looking to upgrade an old towel radiator, take a look at the sleek Reina Bolca designer radiator range and choose from a range of colours from Chrome to Satin Blue!

Electric radiators

Although everyone is feeling the squeeze of rising energy bills, electric radiators are a great choice for those looking to increase their home’s heating efficiency. Electric radiators are 100% efficient as they use 100% of the electricity that it consumes, whereas radiators with a new boiler are around 90% efficient. Maintenance is easier with electric radiators, with traditional water-filled radiators that will occasionally need bleeding otherwise the efficiency will drastically reduce, but this wouldn’t need to be done with electric radiators.

Electric radiators also heat up much faster, meaning that time isn’t spent waiting for the steel radiators to heat up and gives off an almost instant heating effect. With individual electric radiators, you have the option of heating up a single radiator rather than heating an entire house/apartment and wasting energy heating rooms that don’t need it.

Electric towel radiators are a perfect choice for a modern bathroom, with almost instant heat, they can take the edge of the winter chill and keep your towels toasty warm. With hundreds to choose from, we can offer some of the best electric radiators on the market from panel radiators to towel radiators at the best prices.

If you’re looking for a classic style but built as an electric radiator, check out the Zehnder Charleston electric column radiator range! Combining an elegant column style with a modern electronic immersion, you can get the best of both worlds to complete your home!

With so much choice, we know how daunting it can be to choose the best radiator for you. If you’re ever in doubt, our team is always here to help or if you’ve seen a radiator cheaper, contact us via our live chat or call us Monday – Friday 8am-5pm on 01226 0369631.

Out With The Old, In With The New Store!

Out with the old, in with the new! We are proud to announce our new site, we have been listening to our customers very closely over the past few months to make some vital improvements to how everyone navigates our store. 

Our team has made some essential improvements to how your experience with us here at, we have also made some amazing improvements to our catalogue. Working with the amazing brands that we offer, we have been able to add over 3,000 new products to our site. Giving you more options and the best offers around!

Whether you’re looking to replace a radiator with a high-end designer radiator, a low-cost radiator or a high-efficiency aluminium radiator, we have a broad spectrum of radiators for you to choose from!

And for those who are looking for a particular size of radiator but don’t know if you want a designer radiator, column radiator or panel radiator, check out our Find Your Radiator page to search across our whole library!

Zehnder – Arteplano: A Marriage between Metal and Modern Design

A Marriage between Metal and Modern Design: Arteplano

Distinguishable by its metallic nature, this designer range of inspired radiators provide a range of style from natural, industrial, and even abstract. No matter your preference, the metal sheen of these pieces will bring a reflective and striking quality home; where you want your class to shine.

Don’t worry about the technical details, Zehnder is sure to tailor this range to every need as every unit is available in bespoke sizes making Arteplano radiators a sure fit to your rooms no matter the size, regular horizontal systems with vertical options for a tidier placement where space matters. With an average projection of 77mm and even an optional towel rack, this is a fashionable choice no matter the place.

Whether you need a focal point to sway guests, subtle addition to your bedroom, or a neat rail alternative for your bathroom, refine your home with the varying styles that Zehnder provides:

Colour – Look at a variety of deluxe finished metal models for a way to blend into the environment with natural tints or pop with bright hues. Marine blues, raw greens, aggressive reds, royal purples.

Mirror – Extra function? Extra style? Whatever the reason, the mirror finish is a deluxe option present yourself in a way everyone can see and admire with this introspective finish.

Bronze – A subtle yet prominent addition to brushing the room with a striking trim that can be the statement piece needed for an empowering shimmer that suits darker colours to preach sophistication.

Copper – Naturalise your habitat with this earthy tone similar to bronze. If your home is filled with grounded wood furniture, lively green plants, and is a generally down-to-earth abode then complement the organic themes with a spot of metallic enrichment.

Anodised Aluminium – Whilst a number of finishes are available, a standout is this bare-fitting finish to relax an already colourful environment. The aluminium silver allows a token designer varnish to round an interior with its crisp look.

Etched – Available on either copper or a brass canvas, this presents a unique chance to show your distinctive personality with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind etching to be placed on your walls as would a painting.

At Zehnder, and at Radiators, you are encouraged not to stop at these suggestions because whatever you need for your picture-perfect home, the Arteplano range is here to serve as an artistic rendition of your visions and dreams.

Zehnder is Tailoring Italian Sophistication to Heat your Home!

Blok: Chic yet affordable. Zehnder’s new designer line of radiators is the perfect addition to heat your humble abode with Italian sophisticaiton.

Horizontal or vertical, big or small, all your choice; taken from bespoke style but staying abundant in selection. Orientate your new radiator however you wish, and where ever you wish with various sizes from 700 – 1200 mm in length and 1600 – 1900 mm in width.

Take your pick!

Style your living room and make space with a compact yet sophisticated design with Blok’s naturally neat-fitting units or strive for form and function with towel rails ample enough for the bathroom.

Wherever you place your new international mantle, you can fit the aesthetic with the range of colours that Blok provides. Do not worry, at Radiators, we are also sure we can help provide the one that properly complements your home’s beauty.

So, if you’re looking to simply heat your home or searching for a more fashionable option, we are here to provide a glimpse at the range that invites a buyer who is looking for a bargain or an aesthete perusing something – bougie.

Zehnder is looking to bring a slice of Italy into your home.


Click here to check out our Zehnder range!

A Home for the Best Radiators at Competitive Prices

A radiator can be a vital part of the home, especially when winter is upon us. With 1000’s of different styles, sizes, colours, and much more, is the best place to find the best radiators to complete any home improvement at the best prices.

Whether you’re looking for something stylish or something practical, for the living room or the bathroom. We have something for everyone!

Here at, we take pride in the wide range of products that we deliver to the mainland UK. We also are proud to offer friendly and professional customer service that any customer can contact at any point.

Why not check out our designer range for over a thousand different radiators at the best prices!

New Site Launch

Thanks for visiting our new site, we have designed it to be a lot more user friendly and intuitive to find the exact product you need.

We have all the latest ranges from our suppliers and now offer the full range of colours on their custom product ranges. 

There is a lot more to come so keep checking back for new products and features.

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