The heat output or BTU (British Thermal Unit) is an efficient way to calculate how much power a radiator needs for each room. Several factors will need to be considered when estimating the BTU required, including what room the radiator will be installed in if the room is south-facing or not and if you have double glazing. That’s why our team has created this handy calculator to help you calculate a rough estimate of the radiator BTU needed for your home.

Please note: For bigger rooms, you may need several radiators to reach the optimal BTU output.

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Now you’ve found the BTU that you need, you can get started on finding a flawless radiator for your home! Simply add the dimensions you are looking for and match up the needed BTU for your radiator and click search! Whether you’re looking for something extravagant or simple, we have over 9,000 radiators to choose from that are manufactured by some of the UK’s leading radiator brands.

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