Zehnder – Arteplano: A Marriage between Metal and Modern Design

A Marriage between Metal and Modern Design: Arteplano

Distinguishable by its metallic nature, this designer range of inspired radiators provide a range of style from natural, industrial, and even abstract. No matter your preference, the metal sheen of these pieces will bring a reflective and striking quality home; where you want your class to shine.

Don’t worry about the technical details, Zehnder is sure to tailor this range to every need as every unit is available in bespoke sizes making Arteplano radiators a sure fit to your rooms no matter the size, regular horizontal systems with vertical options for a tidier placement where space matters. With an average projection of 77mm and even an optional towel rack, this is a fashionable choice no matter the place.

Whether you need a focal point to sway guests, subtle addition to your bedroom, or a neat rail alternative for your bathroom, refine your home with the varying styles that Zehnder provides:

Colour – Look at a variety of deluxe finished metal models for a way to blend into the environment with natural tints or pop with bright hues. Marine blues, raw greens, aggressive reds, royal purples.

Mirror – Extra function? Extra style? Whatever the reason, the mirror finish is a deluxe option present yourself in a way everyone can see and admire with this introspective finish.

Bronze – A subtle yet prominent addition to brushing the room with a striking trim that can be the statement piece needed for an empowering shimmer that suits darker colours to preach sophistication.

Copper – Naturalise your habitat with this earthy tone similar to bronze. If your home is filled with grounded wood furniture, lively green plants, and is a generally down-to-earth abode then complement the organic themes with a spot of metallic enrichment.

Anodised Aluminium – Whilst a number of finishes are available, a standout is this bare-fitting finish to relax an already colourful environment. The aluminium silver allows a token designer varnish to round an interior with its crisp look.

Etched – Available on either copper or a brass canvas, this presents a unique chance to show your distinctive personality with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind etching to be placed on your walls as would a painting.

At Zehnder, and at Radiators, you are encouraged not to stop at these suggestions because whatever you need for your picture-perfect home, the Arteplano range is here to serve as an artistic rendition of your visions and dreams.

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