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Stelrad Elite 600 mm x 1100 mm Double K2 Radiator 6673 BTU


Product Type
Panel Radiator
Double K2
Product Range
Stelrad Elite
Central Heating
Colour Options
Expected Dispatch Time
7-10 Days
Market price
Our price
£62.13 ex VAT
£74.56 inc VAT (Save 12%)

Product Accessories

£62.13 ex VAT
£74.56 inc VAT (Save 12%)



Estimated Delivery Time

7-10 Days
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Stelrad Elite 600 mm x 1100 mm Double K2 Radiator 6673 BTU available to buy online from We try to offer you the best price and best deals on the Stelrad Elite 600 mm x 1100 mm Double K2 Radiator 6673 BTU. We also offer a complete range of Stelrad Elite 600 mm x 1100 mm Double K2 Radiator 6673 BTU accessories and alternatives at the cheapest prices with UK delivery.

Stelrad Elite 600 mm x 1100 mm Double K2 Radiator 6673 BTU is part of the wide range of products

Stelrad Elite 600 mm x 1100 mm Double K2 Radiator 6673 BTU is manufactured by Stelrad

  • Stelrad Compact 300mm x 2000mm Double P+ Radiator 5084 BTU

    Stelrad Compact Room Setting

    Extra performance to guaranteed standards

    The Stelrad Compact range from, including the new K3 three panel, three convector option, comes complete with all the features expected from a market leader and more. Combining the most sophisticated production resources in Europe, with substantial investment directed towards testing and verification of performance data has resulted in the creation of a high output Compact radiator for heating performance that exceeds expectation.

    Strictly controlled independent laboratory testing ensures that all Stelrad Compact radiators are guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar) and conform to BS EN 442 - the European Standard for radiators.

    More choice for application flexibility

    As a measure of the all round dependable quality and performance, the Stelrad Compact comes complete with a 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty.

    A range of 240 models provides extra sizing flexibility and covers a multitude of application requirements.

    Included in the range is the Stelrad Compact Towel Rail, perfect for use in bathrooms and cloakrooms which, like the standard Compact radiator, can be fitted to floor standing brackets in situations where there are installation difficulties.

    For applications where wall space is at a premium, the Compact Vertex radiator is the answer. With height rather than width to provide the equivalent, outstanding heating performance as the standard model, this stylish radiator provides an innovative option.

    Seven heights, ranging from 300mm to 2200mm, and lengths from as little as 400mm right up to 3000mm, the Stelrad Compact range can provide a size and style to fit the most challenging of application requirements.

    Superb quality from design to installation.

    The elegant, integrated top grille and side panels have been specifically designed to eradicate any movement, providing a tight, professional fit, that will remain in place, even after storage, transit and installation.

    As you would expect from a radiator with the Stelrad pedigree, the convectors are precision welded directly onto the waterways for greater efficiency and economy, with flexible connection options for the highest of commercial and domestic application specifications.

    The Stelrad Compact range is manufactured under ISO 9000 quality systems in the UK and every radiator comes wrapped in robust, practical packaging that will keep the product pristine, right through to installation. Protective through storage and transit, the new packaging design also allows installation prior toremoval.

    Compact Mounting Brackets

    All dimensions in mm. Inches in brackets.


    K1, P+, K2 and P1 lug positions

    All dimensions in mm. Inches in brackets.

    Pressure Drops

  • Stelrad Radical 600x800mm Double K2 Radiator 10mm Straight

    Stelrad Radical Panel Radiator Range from

    The Stelrad Radical is a highly energy efficient Panel Radiator incorporating the latest in heating technology and manufacturing processes to provide a radiator that is both aesthetically pleasing and capable of reducing both energy bills and CO2 emissions. The energy efficient radiant heat of a Stelrad Radical can help a household reduce their annual energy bills by up to 10.5% out performing any conventional panel radiator. The Stelrad Radical out performs standard panel radiators in number of ways such as:

    • Thanks to the controlled water flow through the Radical's panels, due to unique direct intake technology, the water in the front panel reaches a temperature up to 50% higher higher than that of a conventional panel radiator.
    • Also the Radical is able to reach its maximum temperature 23% faster than a traditional panel radiator.
    • It can reaches its optimum performance while other conventional heaters are still heating up.
    • After 2 minutes the Stelrad Radical offers up to 50% more radiant heat.
    • With this high radiant heat performance, the feel of 20°C can be achieved at a lower temperature setting.

    Reduced Heat Loss Through Walls

    Traditional radiators are just as warm at the back as the front therefore radiant heat emitted from the back to lost into and through the wall behind reducing the energy efficiency of the central heating system.

    The unique and innovative technology employed by the Stelrad Radical reduces this problem with specially designed feed and return connections that ensure that you feel warmer, quicker. The connections within the Radical ensures that the front panel radiant heat output is higher than the back, meaning the back panel is much cooler than that of traditional panel radiators. The Stelrad Radical is therefore able to reduce heat loss from the back of the radiator by up to 9% compared to standard radiators.

    Fast Heating, Lower Energy Bills & Reduced CO2 Emissions

    The Stelrad Radical has a unque flow pattern through its panels, reducing heating times dramatically and increasing comfort compared to conventional panel radiators.

    1. Hot water is directed into and around the front panel first, unlike traditional panel radiators that divides the water flow evenly across both the front and back panels.
    2. The hot water then rises up through one channel and then divided evenly across the entire front panel. The unique system then directs the hot water through to the back panel where it is spread evenly across the panel.
    3. The front panel of the Stelrad Radical reaches a temperature of 62.5°C within 8.5 minutes, at which point the front panel of traditional panel radiator has only reached 59.3°C. It takes 11 minutes for a traditional radiator to reach its maximum temperature by which time the Stelrad Radical has been operating at maximum for 2.5 minutes.

    Quicker & Flexible Installation

    The Stelrad Radical uses specially designed Hydra Block (H Block) connections that fit in the centre of the radiator, with 3/4" male threads means that pipework is connected directly to the Radical with the use of additional couplers. This reduces the risk of leaking while making installation quicker and easier and helping the user to save on installation costs and time.

    The H Block connects the Radical to the feed and return pipework and has built-in drain off function, isolating valve and lock shield making installation and servicing fast, easier and cheaper. There are two H Block Packs available:

    1. A Straight H Block connector pack for pipework coming up from the floor or
    2. Angled H Block connector pack for pipework coming from the wall
    3. Also the H Block Packs include a choice of 10mm or 15mm couplings, depending on pipework size.

    Preset Valves for Optimum Energy Efficiency

    Every Stelrad Radical comes with a preset valve which enhances the energy efficiency of the central heating system helping to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The valve is preset to control the water flow through the radiator to ensure optimum efficiency at maximum temperature, en essential element in the Stelrad Radicals energy saving design. 

    You can recognise the setting of the Valve by the colour of the valve closure, the default setting is matched to the heat output of the radiator ar system temperatures of both 70/50/20°C and 55/45/20°C.

    The Benefits of a Preset Valve are:

    • No extra adjustment time during installation
    • Optimum water flow through the radiator
    • Higher efficiency of the condensing boiler through lower return temperatures
    • Reduces CO2 emissions
    • Lower energy bills
    • Compliance with Rule EnEV for hydraulic balance

    Specifications and Dimensions



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